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      Avatarrichard buckle

      I am asked about this community and the expectations of participants. Came across this on LinkedIn outlining similar for another forum:

      But I really would love to hear how everyone else thinks about community.

      1) Vendor & VC neutral / not sponsored
      2) Open forum for discussion
      3) Content is prioritized based on engagement
      4) Conversations are focused on creating value, not selling
      5) Spans real-time chat, long-form text + video, and in-person
      6) Clear place to codify items (like a wiki) to reduce duplication
      7) Includes practitioners, vendors, consultants, investors
      8) Also includes business unit perspectives (marketers, etc.)
      9) Clear way to share technical best practices
      10) Forum for Q&A
      11) Active engagement

      What do you think? APplicable?

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